Thank you and good night!


This is it, the last post.

Thank you to everyone who supported both me and this blog. It’s been a good run and I hope you all continue to look at the old posts from time to time.

Click on the video below to watch me answer questions about the blog and officially say good-bye.

I love you all.

Sincerely yours for the final time,

“Architorture” blog author Celina Oseguera


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“Architorture” blog author Celina Oseguera

Design Village in photos


As promised, here are some photos of the Design Village projects that were constructed today.

The structures pictured are from both first year Cal Poly architecture and architectural engineering students as well as students from other colleges.

Those from other schools were competing against one another with their designs. The Cal Poly first year students were not a part of the competition. Their structures were strictly a part of their studio class assignment.


Sincerely yours,

“Architorture” blog author Celina Oseguera



Design Village Live!


"Architorture" will lifestream the Design Village construction April 12.

Click on the video to watch highlights of today’s Design Village live stream

Here is the edited version of the live stream from today’s footage of Design Village. Scroll down and check it out. It’s mostly highlights of the day.

Don’t know what Design Village is? Then read on and find out.

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