Huddle up!


Alright team, here’s the gameplan.

Below is the schedule and ideas I plan to follow for my weekly posts. Comment below if you would like to see something else or if you have an idea to share.

Disclaimer- please do not be too upset if I miss a  post. As you know, I am a busy college student and I may not always be able to make deadline. I will try my very best though.

Also, whenever I mention “architecture” or “architectural engineering students” in the posts to come, I am mostly referring to first year students.

I have decided to continue writing about just that subculture of architecture students because I find their transition from high school to Cal Poly’s grueling architecture program to produce the most interesting stories. That is not to discredit you, older Cal Poly architecture students.


This blog will have weekly posts. Each post  will have its own recurring theme. I have come up with four different themed posts. Read further to find out what those posts will look like.

These posts won’t go up in any order. For example, say I had Theme 1 one week and Theme 2 the next. If I feel like doing Theme 1 again after Theme 2, I will. Don’t expect a cycle.

The posts will go up either Friday or during the weekend.

Here are the blog post themes I came up with:


final time I swear

These posts will be like the normal stories I have been posting. The topics will range from architecture activities to profiles. They will be normal, longer-form articles.

Social Corner

twitter corner

This is where I will post architecture related tweets, Facebook posts and other social media. These can range from hilarious architecture memes to tweets from groups like Architectural Digest. 

Here, There and Everywhere

here there and everywhere

These posts will talk about international architecture. I will get my information from students and professors here at Cal Poly: San Luis Obispo. Many of them have traveled around the world and have seen their fair share of beautiful, international architecture.

Beyond Architecture

Celina's beyond architecture photo

This will be a non-conventional post for this blog. It will follow the same idea that runs Humans of New York– where people are photographed along with a meaningful quote.

For these posts, I will have pictures of several architecture students doing what they love, whether that be painting, singing or something in between. Along with the photo will be a quote- their own words- about what they do and why they do it. It’s a simple, yet beautiful concept, the idea of looking beyond a person’s profession or field of study- in this case, architecture- and delving into their passions.


And break! That’s it for today, team. I hope you will all enjoy this new blog structure.

Sincerely yours,

“Architorture” blog author Celina Oseguera






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