Design Village Live!


"Architorture" will lifestream the Design Village construction April 12.

Click on the video to watch highlights of today’s Design Village live stream

Here is the edited version of the live stream from today’s footage of Design Village. Scroll down and check it out. It’s mostly highlights of the day.

Don’t know what Design Village is? Then read on and find out.

If you’ve kept up with this blog, you know what Design Village is. For those who don’t know what I’m blabbing about, here is the quick and dirty version of what it is:

Design Village is a project every first year Cal Poly San Luis Obispo architecture and architectural engineering student has to complete during their spring quarter. They basically have to design and build a structure. Once they have all the pieces ready to go, they have to transport the structure, piece by piece, over to another site to construct it. This site is called Poly Canyon Village. There is some land nearby Poly Canyon Village where the students will construct their structures.

Once they finish construction, to top it all off, students must spend the night in their structures.

Stick around for some photos later today.

Sincerely yours, “Architorture” blog author Celina Oseguera

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