What in the world is paraSITE?


If you have walked into the  Cal Poly: San Luis Obispo Architectural and Environmental Design building (bldg. 5) lately, you may have noticed something has changed- the building has been taken over by student projects called paraSITEs. They hang from ceilings and cling to walls like blood-hungry organisms searching for a host.

The question now is why are they there and why should you care.

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Architecture problems


These short Vine videos represent a few of the stereotypical struggles architect students face during their college career.

Allow me to put an emphasis on the “stereotypical” part of that last sentence. These videos are meant to show generic architecture problems. They are not meant to represent all the problems architecture students face.

Enjoy the following videos where I, a journalism student, play the role of an architecture student just trying to get through her college career.

The first thing I do when I come home for break. 

When my architecture professor compliments me on my work.

What I spend a majority of my money on- Home Depot supplies.

My reaction when my professor gives me instructions for an architecture project.

What I do on a Friday night while everyone else parties.

What I do when I’m done with my architecture homework.

Made by scratch: the paraSITE project


The following photos show the first year Cal Poly architecture students at work on what is called the paraSITE  project. Click on a photo to view it.

This project requires all first year architecture students to create a structure in an area somewhere in Cal Poly’s Architecture and Environmental Design builidng (bldg. 5).

Stay tuned for my two other blog posts this week.

Sincerely yours,

“Architorture” blog author Celina Oseguera

P.S. For those  Cal Poly architects I know and live with, great job on your work. You all inspire me and I am honored to call you my friends. For those architects I do not know, I appreciate and respect you just as much. I hope we can meet some day.

Pursuing your passion


When life gets tumultuous, the first thing people usually drop is one of their hobbies. That could be knitting, dancing, drawing, anything.

First year Cal Poly: San Luis Obispo architecture majors Paris Allen, Ryan Stone and Phillip Harris have decided to continue pursuing their passions- singing, blogging and biking respectively- even during their busy, architecture- filled lives. They prove that, even when life gets crazy, passions don’t always have to be sacrificed.

If you want to visit Stone’s blog, click here.


Click play below to hear their stories.

Left to right: Paris Allen, Ryan Stone and Phillip Harris.

Left to right: Paris Allen, Ryan Stone and Phillip Harris. Photos by Celina Oseguera.